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 Investment banking services:

                        marketing solutions

Syntegral Consulting connects businesses with carefully screened, best-in-class boutique marketing firms to meet a variety of marketing needs and requirements. We provide outsource marketing advisory, agency matchmaking and business development consulting to meet a range of sales and marketing needs to increase top-line production.

                        technology solutions

Syntegral Consulting is a next generation consulting firm that serves the technology needs of a wide variety of organizations. We are dedicated to delivering practical business and technology solutions that turn information into shared knowledge, improved customer service and an increase in top-line production. Our specialty is leveraging technology to help our clients achieve their business goals.

capital structure consulting

We are committed to helping our entrepreneurs and investors thrive by seeking out savvy business strategies and strategic alliances in today's increasingly globalized marketplace.

Our dedicated private consulting team brings extensive experience to our clientele, assisting them with deal hypothesis development, due diligence and strategic and financial valuation. We also assist companies in realizing the full revenue and profit potential once an acquisition or investment is made. We utilize an objective, fact-driven approach to our analysis, which includes assessing factors such as market trends or sizing of market revenue potential, as well as issues such as management capabilities or cost structure.

                        Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Syntegral Consulting is a firm that provides strategic and financial advisory services, including mergers and acquisitions advisory. We deliver shareholder value to clients by leveraging our informed perspective on the state of the capital markets, to assist our clients in solving their strategic and financial issues. We have extensive relationships with the investor community, including banks, investment banks, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and other accredited investors.

Corporate Turnarounds and Restructuring Advisory

Syntegral Consulting play’s an active, hands-on role in reviving clients' business, avoiding the need to file Chapter 7 liquidation.  We assist troubled companies at all stages by helping them keep existing clients, attract new business, access capital for their clients through our proprietary investment fund and third party sources, enhance overall professional service offering, restructure clients' balance sheets, minimize their outstanding liabilities, perform valuation and liquidation analyses, and negotiate and execute transactions