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Are you a Buyer or a Seller?

        By registering with our web-site/web-portal, you have complete access to an extensive network of real estate buyers and sellers, i.e. investors. You will be able to log onto our system and always have an up to date list of Syntegral Consulting’s current inventory of pre-foreclosure properties. As an investor or a buyer, you will have first hand access to this extremely profitable market, with all the tools and knowledge to take advantage of it. As an investor, and after closing with Syntegral Consulting, you are able to market your property on the web portal system to all of our other members. As a seller, The web portal sets up an ask and bid price for you, giving you the ability to get the best profit spread from your deal. All of your buying and selling is done right on the system, saving you time and an incredible amount of money.

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