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How can we help you make profit?

         It's no secret that there is huge profit opportunity in pre-foreclosure real estate. Having a firm that specializes in creating these opportunities in this market is paramount in being an investor. Our firm takes the guesswork, research, analysis and due diligence out of investing in the pre-foreclosure market, and makes it simple and risk-free. Our web-portal is a complete, step by step, pre-foreclosure real estate system with every detail covered in an easy to understand manner. From your first contact with the foreclosure homeowner, to the close of escrow, it's all explained right there in the web portal. It's a real, on-line support system that takes your pre-foreclosure deals from origination to the closing table. The minute you upload your pre-foreclosure property information into the system, it immediately starts working on getting you the best deal, and closing it. When you register with our web-site and become part of our portal database, you’ll receive up to the minute lists of pre-foreclosure properties in your area. Having access to this list is the first step in purchasing a pre-foreclosure property with thousands of dollars in equity. From that list, you pick pre-foreclosure properties that interest you and contact the homeowner. Included in the portal system is everything you need to know, and everything you need to say and not say to a homeowner in distress. After the homeowner agrees to be helped and sell the property, all you have to do is input the information into the portal. We will provide you with all the necessary legal documents and agreements to be able to close. Once we have negotiated the best price from the bank, the property is ready to be sold. That is where the investor makes his/her profit, in the spread.

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