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Real Estate Investment Services

Syntegral Consulting Corp. creates huge investment opportunities in the residential real estate pre-foreclosure market for investors. We finance, structure and close deals quickly. Syntegral Consulting has the knowledge and relationship with major banks to purchase pre-foreclosure properties for investors. Our specialty is loss mitigation solutions that include loan work-outs and short-payoffs. Being able to discount mortgages and negotiate short payoffs sets us apart from the average investor. It allows us to turn no equity deals into very profitable ones. We have the ability to take a property with negative equity (when what is owed is more than what the home is worth) and turn it around by creating tremendous profit. Even with properties that already have equity, we can get you more. That is our service; we create profit where there was none, bottom line. We provide the research, analysis, due-diligence, and intricate, delicate processing to close a pre-foreclosure deal. When all is said and done with the bank, the property is free and clear to close. The process is very simple, register with our website, pick out a property from our list of sellers, contact the homeowner, input the contact information into our portal…and go to closing. The property goes into the portal distressed, comes out with thousands of dollars in equity, and portal holds your hand through out the whole process. Our portal also has a feature that allows you to have online chats with one of our experienced analyst. This keeps you I real time, and literally walks you through the process. You always have tech support to help you use our software.


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